Bikram Yoga in your 60s: Cecilia G.


Bikram Yoga for Seniors

Longtime BYV student Cecilia is bringing sexy back – at 64 years old! Seriously, with this kind of body, would you ever guess that she’s a grandmother?! Look for Cecilia riding her scooter to the studio and warming up before class with her headphones on. And, if you need proof that Bikram Yoga keeps you young – and young at heart – look no further than this blog post!

Tell us about your very first Bikram Yoga class …

My friends had been inviting me to try Bikram Yoga for a long time, but at that time I was a member at YWCA for more than 10 years – I am a swimmer. Finally, I agreed to try my first class with Leslie and Terri, just to get them off my case. I was 60 years old at that time; Julia was the teacher.

I’ll never forget that class; it was like torture that never ends. I remember sweating so much! I had been doing other styles of yoga for over 10 years, without any problems doing the postures. But holding those Bikram poses for the very first time, eyes open, concentrating and focusing and only listening to the dialogue was something I hadn’t experienced before. I was totally exhausted by the end of the class! I was surprised that I could sweat so much – and that I drank a litre of Kangen Water in 90 minutes!

But I felt very good that day and, within three or four days I could see my body changing! I brought myself a pass and went to the studio every day. Then, for my 61st birthday, I bought myself a one-year pass to Bikram Yoga Vancouver. Now I do Bikram Yoga every other day. For me it’s not just for the physical benefits (although, hearing0 compliments that my body’s “sexy” is very welcome when you’re 64!), but also for my overall health. Good health enables me to love life and everything else!

What are some of the other benefits you receive from Bikram Yoga?

I think the practice, physically, keeps me in good shape, and sweating for 90 minutes is like getting a natural liver cleanse every time. Also my skin looks nice and my vision is good – I don’t need glasses to read or sew. Mentally Bikram Yoga helps me focus on emptying my mind and feeling the moment. I can then recall the same feeling in my everyday life, which helps me become calm and at peace with myself and gives me the strength to be myself. Emotionally, I am happy all the time. I make people around me feel good, too. People consider me a lucky person – and I am very lucky.

What would you say to older adults who are afraid to try Bikram Yoga?

Getting old does not mean getting weak; if I had my way, I would make Bikram Yoga a mandatory health-maintenance procedure! Do you know that 80% of medical spending happens in the last few year of a person’s life? Can you imagine the money we’d save, that could be used for other social programs? So many people would benefit and, for those being treated with yoga, so much unnecessary pain would be eliminated – for the patient and their family. Me – I don’t want to get to the point of no return. I am willing to work hard in order to enjoy the life I have worked hard for.

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What are your top tips for getting through a hot Bikram Yoga class?

I just tune in, keep my mind open and connect to things I want to manifest. I see nothing during class – only myself in the mirror. And I feel love for myself often, which feels very good. Regular practice is very important to my whole being and my spiritual health!

Yoga for Seniors - Bikram Yoga VancouverWhat do you love most about Bikram Yoga?

My life was good before Bikram Yoga – now it’s great! For sure it is because of Bikram that I can still wear cute outfits and look sexy and confident at 64! I’m very open about telling people my real age, to remind them that 60 will come for everyone – if they don’t die at 59! But in all seriousness, everyone needs to prepare themselves for that, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and, of course, financially – the sooner the better! Life is good when all these areas are in balance.

Tell us a bit more about your life outside the hot room …

I’ve been a hairdresser for 25 years; I own Aquarius Studio one block from Kits Beach and live 150 steps from my studio. I have two grown sons, one of whom is married with two boys, one 12 and one 8. I see my grandsons a few times a month; they say I am a fun granny! We play basketball and wash my car in the summer (I promised I will let them drive my BMX X1 when they get their licence!). I love singing, ballroom dancing (right now I’m learning the Argentine tango), public speaking and ice-skating. I also love my Apple computer, learning the stock market and social media. I’m a big Facebook fan! I’ve been to Brazil three times. I love life, love to explore and am full of curiosity!

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  103. Diana Walker says:

    Hi Cecilia! It is wonderful to see you here and read your full story. You are a great example and inspiration.
    I miss seeing you now that I have moved from Vancouver. It is terrific to see your story here!

  104. Kimberly says:

    Cecilia, you are a most remarkable, inspirational, beautiful and amazing woman! I hope to be just like you in 20 years! Heck, I’d like to be just like you now! LOL! I’m just curious what you eat to help you stay so beautiful and energetic. Would you mind sharing that?

    Thanks for your story!

  105. Amita says:

    Cecilia, I’m so impressed by you. I’m 54 and have been doing Bikram yoga for a year off and on. My problem is that I’m find inside the class, but when I come home I start hurting a lot!! What could I be doing wrong? Did you have this problem when you started…..lots of aches and pains? Will it get better? Thanks for you advice and your inspiration! 🙂

    • May be just a day or 2 when I started. I drink 3 liter of Kangen water a day.In the class I finish i liter. may be you check out your hydration, I have a throught about the on and off frequency. I am very much consistance, the body know what to expect. You should consult with the teachers.

      • Amita says:

        Thanks Cecilia! I think I really should go more consistently. I travel a lot so I have to break up my yoga practice for a month at a time. I will make sure I drink plenty of water from now on. Also, maybe supplement with some minerals. If I go to class every other day is that good enough? Thanks! You look beautiful! May you have many, many more years of yoga in your life!

  106. Lisa P. says:

    Bravo Cecilia! You have such a great attitude and inspire us all to take good care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. To be the best we can be and that life doesn’t end as we age. We should continue to strive to look our best. When you look good, you feel good and I think it’s such an important part of our self care. I think curiosity and passion for life also keeps you young. I love what you said about preparing yourself for your 60’s……. Thank you for sharing with us!

  107. Thank you guys. Your comments are more encourage to me than anything else, I will keep up the good work, of course one of those day that I want to sit home skip a class……..I will think of you guys .Thanks!!!!!

  108. Awesome!! Another great example of how powerful this yoga is. she’s getting younger every day. Couldn’t agree more that it should be mandatory health maintenance as you get older. I just discovered Bikram Yoga when I was 51 and 2 years later I’m in the best shape of my life BY FAR. Wish I discovered it earlier and maybe I wouldn’t have been fat and 45, but now I can only focus on what lies ahead. Keep up the great work Cecilia.

  109. Wow – such an inspiring story. Cecilia – you look amazing!

  110. Ana says:

    I always thought you were so cool and sexy! I always tell myself that I’m never going stop doing Bikram cos I wanna look good, sexy and confident when I grow up. And now after reading more about you and disovering how old you are, I am more inspired to do bikram not just to look good but to be able to enjoy life as I get older minus the aches and pains! You are such an inspiration! Heck, i might even get a bike!!!

    • Trevor says:

      Haha! She’s a cool one, for sure!

    • HI,Ana , you made my day, all I want to do is to set an example to my family, ( of course I can’t tell them what to do.) I love my sons, my daughter in law, my grandsons. I get them gift cards for birthday and x’mas . Hope they will do Bikram yoga with me one day. Thanks!

  111. beth says:

    you are amazing Ceccilia!!! you inspire me! I’m 50 and getting back into my practice after being away for a number of months—-It feels as though I had lost all of what I had gained in my practice…getting back in is hard though I love and adore every moment of the 90….
    I would love to keep in touch with you- I’m also on face book- if you could friend me!!!!! or email-

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