Around the World in 26 Postures: Sohot Bikram Yoga, London

Bikram Yoga Studio: , Soho Studio

Address: Threeways House,?Bolsover Street,?London, U.K.
Reviewed by: Noa

Forget Buckingham Palace; when I went to London to see my BFF, the first thing I made her show me was how to get to this studio by Tube! Marked with a big yellow “bunny” banner (in honour of ?), Sohot’s Soho studio is bright despite being in a basement and has the same flooring as Kits, but with markings that show you where to put your yoga mat (so everyone can see a piece of themselves in the mirror). Speaking of mats, no one (that I saw) brings their own; the studio provides them. They’re hung on racks right in the hot room – one for clean mats, one for used. And there are recycled plastic bags in the change room so you can carry your Shaktis home without sweating the rest of your stuff.

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