Practising Bikram Yoga Successfully in Summer

With outside temperatures finally rising, here are our five top tips on how to practice Bikram Yoga safely and effectively throughout the summer months:

Dress well: Breathable fabrics are key when conditions are extra hot. Also, if you’re comfortable rocking a bandeau top and short-shorts, do – long sleeves and leggings may only add to how warm you feel in the hot room.

Stay hydrated: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – drinking water during class is not enough. Make sure you come to the studio hydrated and plan on replenishing your electrolytes after you practice.

Prep work: Taking a quick, cool shower before class may help you to better manage the heat, as can eating cooling foods like salads and fruit (so long as your stomach can stand it).

Sweat it out: It may be tempting to wipe yourself down or fan yourself with your hands during class, but your sweat (even puddles of it) is actually cooling your body down while you practice. Let it drip!

Consider class time: High noon is usually the hottest point of a summer day. If your schedule is flexible, you may want to think about practising early in the morning or later at night when the temperature outside has cooled.

Bikram Yoga Vancouver offers loads of classes throughout the day, seven days a week! Check out our summer schedule here!

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