The Bikram Yoga Experiment

The Experiment: We are putting 5 people under the microscope as they struggle through 5 classes per week for 3 months to become their best selves. From weight loss to , these lucky individuals will be poked, prodded, photographed, and surveyed as we follow them on their Bikram Yoga journey to improve their lives and accomplish their goals.

Want to partake? Join the Bikram Yoga Experiment to participate alongside our lab rats and receive 10% off a 3 month unlimited package. If you make it through your 3 months and hit 5 classes each week, we’ll give you 20% off your following purchase – some serious incentive to help get your tail in each week and push you toward becoming your best self.

Research/Experiment begins March 7th 2011. The first official introduction will be made in our March newsletter! 

Thanks and Namaste,

Bikram Yoga Vancouver

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