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Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone

By Trevor Ellestad This couldn’t help but remind us of our first Bikram Yoga classes. What would life be like without riding the edges of our comfort zone every once in a while? What are some of the exciting things … read more

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Motivation: Go Somewhere Different

By Trevor Ellestad We all get a little tired of our same old routines. Looking to shake up your Bikram Yoga practice? Make it to one of our BYV Express classes and go somewhere different with your hot yoga!

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Stop Wishing & Start Doing

By Trevor Ellestad    

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Monday Motivation: I am Fabulous

By Trevor Ellestad IMAGE: [SOURCE] Yes you are! Let us know in the comments below what it is about Bikram Yoga that makes you feel fabulous!  

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Monday Motivation: Drink Water!

By Trevor Ellestad Having trouble getting enough of the clear stuff? We know it can be difficult to drink enough water every day (even for those of us who work at a yoga studio!). Why not change the background of your … read more

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Monday Motivation: It’s About the Journey

by Trevor Ellestad Photo Credit [Charlotte Trounce] Monday Motivation With January nearing an end and Spring just around the corner (at least this is what we keep telling ourselves), we thought it was time to sit back and take a look … read more

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