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Olympic Special: Pro Athletes Who Do Yoga

With the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games in full swing, we’re taking a look at some pro athletes – from football players to tennis champs – who include yoga in their health and fitness regimes: During his pro career, former … read more

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More Celebrities Who Love Bikram Yoga

In our eyes, everyone who steps into the hot room is a star! But we love adding to the growing list of celebrities who can’t live without their Bikram Yoga fix! Colin Farrell In August, Colin Farrell was spotted stepping … read more

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More Bikram Yoga Celebrities

By Noa Glow The number of celebrities and athletes doing Bikram Yoga keeps growing, with Tom Cruise’s ex and a pro football player among the latest hot-room devotees. Goldie This British drum-and-bass musician isn’t keeping quiet about the fact that Bikram … read more

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Yoga Celebrities – Spandy Andy

Did you know that Spandy Andy, one of the most famous buskers to come out of Vancouver, is a Bikram Yoga devotee? It’s true! Though this 25-year-old street entertainer, known for dancing outdoors in “tight and bright” outfits, is currently … read more

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Bikram Yoga-Loving Celebrities

    Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy loves Bikram Yoga so much, she built her own hot yoga studio in her backyard (the perfect retreat for a busy mom). She also claims that she managed to lose 65 pounds of baby … read more

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