Karma Yoga: BYV Clothing Drive

Karma Yoga Coat Drive

Find out how you can help Laurie and BYV collect used clothing items for deserving men, women and children in Vancouver. Not only will your generosity help people in need, you’ll earn you the chance to win amazing prizes, including a full year of Bikram Yoga!

Travelling to Kenya last winter to provide health care to some of the poorest people in the world made me realize just how much we have. On more than one occasion I saw $1 save a child’s life and improve a bad situation for an adult female in that country. Just $1. That’s less than what most of us spend on a cup of coffee each morning.

While the majority of the African women I met had little income, experienced violence at home and could not access resources to help them in a crisis, I had to go halfway around the world to discover this harsh reality is hardly limited to third-world countries. In fact, one in three women faces violence, abuse and coerced sex. Women are particularly vulnerable because they’re far more likely to be lower paid, responsible for child care and affected by socio-political factors than men, no matter where in the world they live.

When I returned to Vancouver the first thing I did was donate half of my clothing (why one girl needs 32 pairs of jeans and eight black T-shirts is beyond me), realizing that there are people – particularly women – that need these things more than I do. It’s difficult to imagine, for example, having to flee an abusive relationship with only the shirt on your back and $5 (if that) in your pocket, yet it’s a reality that plays out daily in our city.

As such, I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on a Holiday Clothing Drive with Bikram Yoga Vancouver. For the next several weeks BYV staff and students are encouraged to donate used clothing (for men, women and children) at any of our studios; these items will be delivered directly to emergency services around the city. For every piece of clothing you donate you’ll receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win yoga goodies or a grand prize of yoga for 6 months, thanks to the generosity of Danny and Lisa.

Thanks to everyone in advance and remember, your “old” clothing can brighten and significantly change someone’s day!

Love, Laurie


Karma Yoga Clothing Drive Prizes

Not only is this clothing drive a wonderful opportunity to lighten up your closet and help out some Vancouverites in need during this chilly season, but you’ll also be entered into a draw for one of the following prizes. The more you give, the greater your chances of winning! If you’re wondering how many tickets you get from each item you donate or how much money you give, please see below. First off, the prizes:

  • Yoga Packages
    • 6 Month Unlimited Package (value: $640)
    • 1 Month Unlimited x 3 (value: $160 each)
  • Private Yoga Classes with (value: $200 each)
    • Lisa P.
    • Laurie M.
    • Mari D.
    • Gabe S.

How it Works

Every $2.50 or Donation of Clothing will equal at least 1 ticket to be entered in our draw for the prizes above

  • All clothing will be donated to Vancouver emergency services
  • All cash will be donated to the Vancouver Food Bank
  • The more you donate, the better your chances of winning

Depending on the clothing you donate to us, you’ll get a different number of tickets. See the following diagram to determine the number of tickets that you’ll receive for your donation.

Clothing Donations

Every week we’ll take your donations to emergency services around Vancouver in order to help those in need. Although jackets and items to keep warm are especially important at this time of year, items such as dresses for job interviews are really important too! We appreciate any items that you would like to donate and wish you the best of luck in the draw!

If you have any questions, let one of our front desk members know, send us an email to support@bikramyogavancouver.com or comment below!


8 Responses to Karma Yoga: BYV Clothing Drive

  1. Allison says:

    Are you still accepting donations? I brought some clothes in last month, but have found some more that I could bring in.

    • Trevor says:

      Hey Allison!

      We are definitely accepting donations still. We’ve had such a good response that we’ve decided to run the drive until January 17th

  2. Shannon wood says:

    Can I bring in shoes also?

  3. Selina says:

    Will you take shoes as well?

  4. Adam steinberg says:

    It would be awesome if BYV could break records with clothing donated and money gathered for the food bank!

  5. Holly MJ says:

    Thank you Lisa, Mari, Gabe & especially Laurie. I’m proud to live in a world with good people like you. [greater than three]

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