New to Bikram Yoga Vancouver?


Never taken a Bikram yoga class before? New to our studios? Wondering what we’re all about? Read on.

At Bikram Yoga Vancouver (BYV) we believe in the power of yoga and strive for every student to accomplish their personal health goals. Whether your intention is to lose weight, de-stress, meditation, gain balance and flexibility, rehab an injury, cross-train, or simply to get a little personal time everyday Bikram provides a way to fulfill your wellness ambitions.

Have you practiced Bikram Yoga before?

If you’re already acquainted with Bikram, but never practiced at a BYV studio before below you’ll find a few useful links to help you get started.

New Student?

Follow these helpful hints to prepare for your first class.

Items to bring to your first class:

  • Yoga mat
  • 2 large towels, 1 for the yoga mat and 1 for a shower after class
  • 1 big bottle of water
  • Yoga clothes. Bring an outfit that is breathable and stretchy

How to prepare for your first class:

  • Come on an empty stomach, avoid eating for the 2 hours prior to your class
  • Hydrate! Drink at minimum 1 litre of water 45 minutes before class. Don’t forget to stock up on electrolytes, not sure what these are? Read about how to electrify your yoga!
  • Come 20 minutes early, this will give you time to get set up and take a tour of the facility

When can you come to class?

All classes are the same beginner series so you can attend any class throughout the day. Check out our schedule!


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