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Bikram Yoga for Cancer Recovery: Carolyn T.

When Carolyn was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Bikram Yoga became her rock, helping her to get through her treatment with more ease and less fatigue. Though she hasn’t taken to the podium to teach in a while, the hot … read more

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Teacher Profile: Ashley G.

Ashley is one of BYV’s newest teachers. When she’s not out walking her dog Lou, skateboarding or snowboarding, she’s in the hot room building up her strength – both physical and mental. Her best tip for students: RELAX. Read more… … read more

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Teacher Profile: Chelsea C.

Reader, writer, traveller and yoga teacher Chelsea recently returned from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Read her profile to find out why her best advice to all you students out there is to “pay attention to the details” and “step outside … read more

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Teacher Profile: Tanya C.

Gorgeous, funny Tanya Chernov tells us how practising Bikram Yoga makes her feel like a rebel, and what it was like rubbing shoulders with celebrities during Teacher Training … When did you take your first Bikram Yoga class, and why? … read more

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Teacher Profile: Tim H.

Finding himself in a city he didn’t want to live in and a job he wasn’t sure he wanted to do, Tim sought clarity in the hot room. As a Bikram Yoga teacher, some of his top tips for students … read more

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Teacher Profile: Marcus T.

Besides teaching, Marcus works as an X-ray technologist. He says he finds both professions “extremely satifisying because I know I am playing a part in improving health in both my students and my patients.” Find out more in his Teacher … read more

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The Hot Yoga Girl’s Bikram Teacher Training Journey: Graduation

A class of 395 Bikram Yoga practitioners from 26 countries graduated as teachers last Saturday. The journey was long and intense, physically, mentally and emotionally. Now we are now licensed to teach Bikram Yoga and, essentially, improve people’s lives around … read more

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Teacher Profile: Nikki S.

We love classes with Nikki – they’re tough and fun at the same time! As someone who works full time outside the hot room, Nikki experiences the same time pressures as many students. Her advice: “I totally understand that life … read more

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Bikram Teacher: Roxana M.

Image [Source] With her background in medicine and passion for Bikram Yoga, Roxana Mavai‘s got some great advice for new students … that longtime practitioners will find helpful, too! Tell us about your first Bikram Yoga class … It was … read more

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Teacher Profile: Tierney C.

Not only has Tierney been practising Bikram Yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2007, she’s going to be studying yoga therapy for the next four years so that she can forge a much deeper personal and professional relationship with yoga. … read more

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